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The world’s first real food prenatal with 25 nutrients from solely fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, to support mama’s energy and baby’s development.


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8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in one bar

American Pregnancy Association recommended 300mg vegan omega-3 DHA

Half the sugar of an apple

No synthetic or artificial ingredients

Made by plants. Not in a plant.

Delicious, complete nourishment from the world's most bioactive nutrient source – food.

Foods contain unique nutrient structures and synergy that can't be replicated by a pill.

Form Follows Function.

Whole foods, not synthetic vitamins, support a smooth pregnancy and confer lifelong health benefits to baby.

Natural forms, intentionally paired

Optimize your pregnancy and baby’s lifetime health with science-backed combinations of naturally-occurring nutrients

Neural Tube Growth

Naturally methylated
folate and B12 support
neural tube development

Strong Bones

+ Calcium
+ Vitamin D
+ Vitamin K
+ Magnesium support
early bone growth

Blood and Oxygen

Gentle food-form iron paired
with Vitamin C for enhanced
absorption, with folate & B12 to
support oxygen supply

Smooth Delivery

Provides natural Vitamin C,
Vitamin E, Selenium, Copper,
and Zinc - dietary nutrients
shown to be important in

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