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  • Does Tend replace my prenatal viatamin?

    Yes. Tend provides as much, if not more, nutrition than most synthetic prenatal vitamins – all completely from fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds (nutritional equivalent of 8 servings of fruits and vegetables). 

    The nutrients in Tend are completely naturally-derived from whole foods in optimal forms our bodies recognize, demonstrating superior absorption and efficacy compared to synthetic nutrients. 

  • There are so many prenatals – what makes Tend different?

    There are three main differences between Tend and your typical prenatal vitamin. 

    Tend is completely made from real foods. Naturally occurring nutrient forms offer superior absorption and efficacy compared to isolated, synthetic forms. 

    Second, we include a blend of ginger, mint, and B6 at levels that studies have shown decrease nausea in pregnancy. 

    Third, Tend Prenatal is made to be enjoyed - it tastes great! If you don’t like it, it’s on us. We want you to look forward to your prenatal vitamin routine! 

  • Why does my doctor recommend a synthetic prenatal?

    A lack of options means that doctors are left advising patients to eat a balanced diet and take a synthetic prenatal to cover “dietary gaps”. 

    While evidence does exist that synthetic folic acid, and to a degree vitamin D, can reduce pregnancy-related complications and assist in the development of the embryo, evidence for synthetic prenatal vitamins offering any measurable benefit remains sparse. 

    Meanwhile, there is strong evidence demonstrating that foods and maternal diet during the prenatal period particularly have a positive modifying effect on infant development and birth outcomes, as well as the life-long health of the baby. 

  • What ingredients are in Tend Prenatal?

    Tend Prenatal is an exclusively food-based and plant-based product. We enthusiastically invite you to read our label and ingredients panel! 

    Tend contains a fruit and vegetable blend, which is a mixture of all organic produce, along with organic nut butters, seeds, seed powders, berries, and natural sweeteners like low-glycemic index apple juice concentrate. 

    We also add a concentrated ginger extract with mint (you can barely taste it!) at a potency level shown to reduce nausea. 

    That’s it!

  • How did you determine what to put into Tend Prenatal?

    Our philosophy led us to a formula that is uncompromisingly food-first.

    Co-founded by a PhD whose expertise is prenatal diet and infant brain development, we spent years formulating a product that would nourish completely from food for an optimal pregnancy.

    After 3 years of formulating and research & development, working with several culinary experts, and much tasting and iterating, we’ve developed something we’re really excited to share!

  • What's the shelf life of Tend?

    Tend bars will last at least 8 months in the fridge, and longer if frozen! You can take the bars on the go for up to two weeks unrefrigerated, but we do recommend storing them in the fridge for optimal taste and texture.